Requirements (Requisites) for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

Digital Nomad VISA requirements in Spain

The recent introduction of the digital nomad visa in Spain has opened a world of possibilities for remote workers globally. This innovative visa offers digital professionals the opportunity to live and work from one of Europe’s most enchanting countries, uniquely blending work and pleasure.

If you’re considering Spain as your next remote work destination, here you’ll find a comprehensive guide about the requirements, requisites and conditions for obtaining the digital nomad VISA for Spain.

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Key Requirements (Requisites) for the Digital Nomad Visa

If you are here, it is because you want to know the most important requirements and conditions to obtain the digital nomad VISA in Spain. I know and that’s why I won’t make you wait any longer, ok? Let’s get to it!

Proof of Stable Income:

You must demonstrate that you have stable and sufficient income to support yourself during your stay in Spain. The minimum required is approximately 2,000 euros per month, although this amount may vary depending on the number of dependents.

Remote Work:

You need to prove that you work remotely. This can be for a company outside of Spain or for international clients if you are self-employed. The work relationship must have existed for at least three months prior to the application.

Health Insurance:

It is essential to have international health insurance or insurance that provides full coverage within Spain, equivalent to the Spanish public health system.

Criminal Record:

You must present a clean criminal record certificate from your country of origin and any country where you have resided in the last five years.

Application and Fees:

The application must be completed correctly, accompanied by the payment of the corresponding fees, which vary depending on the country of origin.


Although not always a prerequisite for the application, having a rental contract or a residence address in Spain can be beneficial.

Advantages of the Digital Nomad Visa

  • Flexibility: Living in Spain, you’ll have the flexibility to work from anywhere, whether it’s a beach in the Canary Islands or a historic café in the heart of Barcelona.
  • EU Access: This visa allows you to freely travel within the Schengen area, opening up opportunities to explore Europe.
  • Tax Benefits: There are specific tax incentives for digital nomads, although it is advisable to consult with a tax advisor to fully understand these benefits.

How to Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain?

The application process varies depending on the Spanish consulate or embassy in your country of origin. Generally, the application must be presented in person or through the online platform of the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España. It is crucial to review the specific consulate’s website for detailed and updated information.

Affordable Requirements to Live in an Enviable Country

The digital nomad visa is an open door to an enviable lifestyle in Spain for those who wish to combine work and pleasure. With the right requirements and careful planning, you can enjoy the rich culture, sunny climate, and exquisite cuisine of Spain, all while continuing your professional career in the digital realm. If you meet the criteria and are ready for the change, Spain awaits you with open arms.

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Frequently asked questions about the requirements and conditions for applying for a visa in Spain

What is needed to be a digital nomad in Spain?

To become a digital nomad in Spain, you need to meet several key requirements. First, you must demonstrate that you work remotely, either as an employee of a company outside Spain or as a freelancer with international clients. Additionally, it is essential to have a stable income that meets the minimum required by Spanish legislation, as well as international health insurance and a clean criminal record.

How long can I reside in Spain with the digital nomad visa?

The digital nomad visa for Spain is initially granted for one year. However, it is possible to renew it for longer stays, provided you continue to meet the established requirements, such as demonstrating sufficient income and maintaining valid health insurance.

What are the main requirements for applying for the digital nomad visa in Spain?

Applicants must demonstrate stable income, have an employment contract or be self-employed with international clients, and not exceed 20% of income from Spanish sources.

How long does the application process for the digital nomad visa take?

The processing time can vary, but thanks to the Ley de Startups, the process is designed to be quick, with responses expected in approximately 20 days.

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