Visa for Digital Nomads in Spain

Visa for Digital Nomads in Spain

The digital era has transformed the way we live, work, and travel. Recognizing this evolution, Spain has introduced a pioneering legislative initiative: the Digital Nomad Visa for Spain.

This visa serves as a bridge to new opportunities for those wishing to combine the freedom of remote work with the cultural, climatic, and social richness of Spain.

Next, we explore the legal foundations of this visa and what it means for professionals worldwide.

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The Law Regulating This Remote Work Visa

The regulation laying the groundwork for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain is found in the recently enacted Startup Law.

This law, a step forward from the Entrepreneurs Law of 2013, is designed to position Spain as an attractive destination for entrepreneurs, investors, and now, digital nomads.

With a modernized approach adapted to the demands of today’s labor market, the Startup Law aims to attract international talent by offering an environment conducive to innovation and professional development.

This legislation not only facilitates the creation and financing of startups but also introduces significant tax advantages and simplifies bureaucratic processes.

Most relevant for digital nomads is the creation of a legal framework that allows them to reside and work remotely in Spain for companies or clients outside Spanish territory.

This approach reflects Spain’s commitment to adapting to new work modalities and its desire to attract and retain global talent.

What is the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain?

The Digital Nomad Visa represents a new chapter for non-EU professionals looking to live and work remotely from Spain.

With a validity of up to 5 years, this permit not only facilitates remote work for international companies but also opens the door to an enviable lifestyle in one of the most welcoming countries in Europe.

This visa offers two application paths:

  •     One directly from Spain, for those who are already in the country on a tourist visa,
  •     And another from the home country, through Spanish consulates.

Both options highlight the flexibility and commitment of Spain to welcoming international talent.

In addition to the practical advantages of working in an inspiring and culturally rich environment, this visa also includes significant benefits, such as the possibility of including family members in the application, expedited resolution in just 20 days, and free mobility within the European Union.

This comprehensive approach makes the digital nomad visa an attractive option for those who value professional freedom without sacrificing the security and amenities that Spain offers.

Requirements for Digital Nomad Residency

For global professionals looking to join the growing movement of digital nomads in Spain, the Spanish government has established clear criteria.

Applicants for this visa must demonstrate a work relationship with companies outside of Spain, ensuring that income earned within the country does not exceed 20% of their total income.

Previous work experience, a work contract of at least one year, and an income threshold of €31,752 per year are essential aspects.

Additionally, applicants must be free of criminal records and have private health insurance that offers full coverage in Spain.

This series of requirements is designed to ensure that digital nomads can integrate seamlessly into the Spanish social and economic fabric while maintaining their freedom to work globally.

Tax Advantages of the Digital Nomad Visa

One of the most significant attractions of this new visa is its favorable tax regime.

Aligned with the drive to attract international talent, the Spanish government offers digital nomads the possibility to be taxed under an optimized regime for non-residents.

This means that, under certain conditions, beneficiaries can enjoy a reduced tax rate of 24% on their income up to €600,000 annually.

Additionally, this special regime exempts digital nomads from certain taxes applicable to residents, significantly simplifying their tax obligation in Spain and allowing them to maximize their earnings while enjoying life in this vibrant country.

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Can I Work for Spanish Companies with the Digital Nomad Visa?

Although the Digital Nomad Visa is primarily designed for those working for companies or clients outside of Spain, it also offers some flexibility.

Visa holders can work for Spanish companies, provided they maintain their main employment with the foreign company that facilitated their visa and that income from Spanish sources does not exceed 20% of their total income.

This provision opens up a range of possibilities for local collaborations, allowing digital nomads to explore work opportunities and projects within the Spanish business ecosystem, thereby enriching their experience in the country.

When Will This New Law and Residency Take Effect?

After months of anticipation, the legislation introducing the Digital Nomad Visa has been officially enacted and is in effect.

This means that professionals worldwide can now start planning their move to Spain, preparing to immerse themselves in a country known for its quality of life, rich culture, and varied landscapes.

With the law now active, Spain positions itself as a leading destination for digital nomads and teleworkers, offering a unique combination of professional and personal benefits.

How to Apply for This Visa

Starting the application process for the digital nomad visa is an exciting step towards a new life working remotely from Spain. 

Interested parties have two avenues for application:

  •     One directly from their home country through a Spanish consulate, which initially grants a one-year visa;
  •     And another option for those already in Spain on a tourist visa, allowing the transition to a three-year residency card.

This “fast-track” process promises a response within just 20 days, simplifying bureaucracy and accelerating the path to a life as a digital nomad in Spain.

Applicants will need to prepare their documentation, including the employment contract, proof of income, health insurance, and more, to ensure a smooth transition into their new adventure.

For more information on: How to obtain the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain, check out this article.

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