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Digital Innovation at the Service of Your Future: We are a digital-native legal firm with over 10 years of experience in Spanish immigration and global mobility law. Our speed, transparency, and effectiveness ensure not just the success of your visa, residency, or relocation for your business into Spain, but also optimize your tax situation.

Personalized Attention, Smooth Experience: We see each case as unique, focusing on minimizing your burden and turning complex legal processes into pleasant experiences. We understand our practice as a 360-degree legal practice, assessing all the necessary immigration, labor, fiscal, and corporate risks to make your arrival in Spain quick and smooth.

Proven Success, Thousands of Satisfied Clients: Our commitment is reflected in our track record: thousands of lives transformed thanks to our meticulous care and expertise in immigration and global mobility. At ILLAY Legal, we offer more than just legal services; we build the bridge to your new beginning in Spain.




Guiding your journey to Spain with expertise and care, ensuring a smooth and hopeful immigration process.

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Our Team

Meet the team

Our team include three members of Bar Association of Barcelona, graduated from the top law schools in Catalonia and Spain, as well as several auxiliary specialists.

Marc Pairó

Founding Partner, General Manager, Attorney-at-law, Bar Association of Barcelona

Maria Prades

Partner, Legal Director, Attorney-at-law, Bar Association of Barcelona

Dario Cerisole

Founding Partner, Client Acquisition Director, Attorney-at-law, Bar Association of Barcelona

Sergei Zamuruev

Partner, Legaltech and Internal Processes, Key Accounts Executive

San Sandoval

Legal Consultant

Paula Costa

Legal Intern

Lingling Chen

Legal Consultant, Licenced Administrative Agent

Louai Succar

Lawyer and Partner Middle East

Jonara Caero

Case Coordinator

Bryan Salgado

Legal Consultant

Naual Assaghir


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