Spanish Immigration Law, Explained

Cases from Illay Legal practice, the relevant changes of the legislation, insights, and analysis

Digital nomads law: a beta version

A Christmas gift for the remote workers and digital nomads - that’s the first impression of the recent changes of the Spanish international mobility regime introduced by the Law 28/2022, of December 21, “On the promotion of the ecosystem of emerging companies”, that came into force on December 23rd. Spain finally opens the doors to the so-called "digital nomads".

Residence permit for training for undocumented migrants in Spain, in 5 steps

Passing a skill or professional training have became a new path to obtain a legal immigration status for those residing de-facto Spain without a valid visa or residence permit. It is introduced by the recent immigration reform. The reform implies that, after 2 years of proven de-facto residency in Spain, applicants willing to pass a skill or professional training may obtain a residence permit.