How an Argentine Can Emigrate to Spain Without European Citizenship

How an Argentinean can emigrate to Spain

Emigrating to a new country is both an exciting adventure and a considerable challenge. For Argentinians seeking new opportunities in Spain without European citizenship, careful planning and knowledge of legal requirements are essential. In this guide, we’ll explore step-by-step how you can prepare your move to Spain, covering everything from the necessary visas to practical tips for successful integration into Spanish society.

In this article, we will explain in detail how an Argentine can emigrate to Spain without European citizenship. So, if you’re interested, stay until the end of the article. Let’s get started!

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Prerequisites for Emigrating to Spain as an Argentine

Before packing your bags, it’s crucial to understand what’s needed to move legally to Spain. Requirements include various types of visas, specific documentation, and health and economic conditions. Each visa type has its criteria, which must be met to ensure a legal and smooth stay.

  • Personal Documentation: The first step is to make sure all your personal documents are in order. This includes your passport, which must be valid for at least six months from your entry date into Spain. Additionally, you will need birth certificates and, if applicable, marriage certificates, duly apostilled.


  • Visa: Depending on the purpose of your stay in Spain, you will need to apply for the appropriate visa. Visas can be for work, study, or non-lucrative residence. Each has its own requirements and application process.


  • Health Conditions: You will likely need health insurance that covers your needs in Spain. Some visas require you to demonstrate that you have valid health insurance for your stay in the country.


  • Economic Requirements: For some visas, you will need to demonstrate that you have sufficient economic resources to support yourself during your stay in Spain. This may involve showing bank statements, regular income, or a sponsorship letter.


Work Visas in Spain

Spain offers various visa options for Argentinians wishing to work in the country, each tailored to different employment situations. Here are the two main ones:


Residence Visa for Employment

This visa allows Argentinians to be employed in Spain under a work contract. It is necessary to have a job offer from a Spanish company that justifies the hiring before the immigration authorities. The process includes several steps:

  • Job Offer: The Spanish company must obtain initial residence and work authorization on behalf of the employee. This offer must be formalized and comply with all Spanish labor regulations.


  • Visa Application: Once authorization is obtained, the worker can apply for the visa at the Spanish consulate in Argentina. You will need to present the job offer, the contract, and other documents proving you meet the legal requirements.


  • Additional Documentation: Besides the work contract, a criminal record certificate, a medical report, and proof of the employment relationship between the employer and the employee are required.


Residence Visa for Self-Employment

For Argentine entrepreneurs, this visa facilitates the creation and management of their own businesses in Spain. It requires demonstrating the viability of the business and its benefit to the local economy. The process includes:

  • Business Plan: You must submit a detailed business plan explaining the economic and technical feasibility of your project. This plan should include market studies, financial forecasts, and the expected economic impact on the region where you plan to establish your business.


  • Economic Resources: You need to prove that you have sufficient economic resources to carry out your project. This can include personal savings, investments, or third-party financing.


  • Legal Documentation: You will need to register with the tax and social security authorities in Spain. Additionally, you must obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate your business according to Spanish law.


  • Visa Application: As with the employee residence visa, you must submit your application at the Spanish consulate in Argentina, attaching all the documentation that supports your business project.

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How to Search and Find Employment in Spain as an Argentine

Finding work in Spain can be challenging but feasible with the right strategies. Using employment platforms like LinkedIn, InfoJobs, and others specific to your industry can significantly increase your chances. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you maximize your chances of finding employment in Spain.

  • Update Your CV: Ensure your CV is adapted to Spanish formats and expectations. Highlight your most relevant skills and experiences, and use keywords related to the position you are applying for.


  • Employment Platforms: Register and create profiles on major Spanish employment platforms such as LinkedIn, InfoJobs, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Complete your profile in detail and ensure it is always up-to-date.


  • Networking: Connect with professionals in your sector in Spain. Participate in networking events, seminars, and conferences. Use LinkedIn to contact recruiters and industry professionals.


  • Cover Letter: Write a personalized cover letter for each job application. Explain why you are interested in the position and how your skills and experiences make you the ideal candidate.


  • Employment Agencies: Consider registering with employment agencies or headhunters specializing in your area of work. These agencies can help you find opportunities that are not always advertised online.


High-Demand Sectors for Argentines

Sectors such as technology, health, and education have a high demand for professionals in Spain. Knowing these sectors and adapting your skills can open many job opportunities.

  • Technology: Spain is experiencing significant growth in the technology sector. Software companies, web development, and startups are constantly looking for international talent. If you have skills in programming, cybersecurity, or technology project management, this is a sector with many opportunities.


  • Health: The health sector in Spain always needs qualified professionals, including doctors, nurses, and mental health specialists. If you have training and experience in the health field, your skills will be highly valued.


  • Education: The demand for language teachers, especially English and Spanish as a second language, is high. There are also opportunities in teaching STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).


  • Hospitality and Tourism: Spain is a leading tourist destination globally. Professionals in hotel management, tourism, and customer-related services have many opportunities, especially in tourist regions like the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, and the Costa del Sol.


Process for Recognizing Titles and Certifications

Validating your Argentine degrees is crucial for working in your field of specialization in Spain. This process can be complex and requires patience and organization.

  • Degree Validation: Some professional titles require validation by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain. This process verifies that your foreign degree meets the academic and professional requirements of Spain.


  • Study Equivalence: If you do not need full validation, you can request a study equivalence so that your Argentine degree is recognized in Spain. This process is simpler and is usually sufficient for many employers.


  • Necessary Documentation: You must present your original degree, along with an official Spanish translation and the Hague Apostille. Additionally, you will need a study certificate detailing the curriculum and subjects you have studied.


  • Procedure: The validation and equivalence procedure varies depending on the type of degree and profession. It is advisable to contact the Ministry of Education or specific institutions for detailed and up-to-date information.


Cultural Adaptation in Spain for Newcomers from Argentina

Adapting to Spanish culture is essential for your success and well-being in the country. From finding suitable housing to understanding and appreciating cultural differences, these tips will help you better integrate into your new environment.

  • Finding Housing: Research different housing options, from temporary rentals to long-term contracts. Platforms like Idealista and Fotocasa are useful for searching for apartments and houses. Consider factors such as proximity to work, public transport, and local amenities.


  • Understanding the Culture: Spain has a rich culture and unique customs. Familiarize yourself with aspects such as the siesta, local festivals, and the importance of family and community. Participating in cultural and social events will help you integrate faster.


  • Language: Although Spanish is the main language, other official languages are spoken in regions like Catalonia, Galicia, and the Basque Country. Learning some basic phrases in Catalan, Galician, or Basque can be very useful and appreciated by the locals.


  • Support Networks: Look for communities of expatriates and Argentines in Spain. These networks can offer emotional support, practical advice, and opportunities to socialize with people who have gone through similar experiences.


  • Health and Education Services: Learn about the health system and how to access medical services. Also, if you have children, research the educational options available, from public to international schools.


Final Tips and Ideas for Emigrating to Spain from Argentina

Preparing to emigrate requires not only meeting legal requirements but also mentally preparing for life changes. It is essential to ensure you have a financial cushion that covers the first few months of stay. Rent, food, transport, and any unforeseen expenses are aspects that should be considered in your economic planning. This preparation will allow you to establish yourself more securely and comfortably in your new environment.

Emigrating involves adapting to new customs and ways of life, so maintaining an open and flexible mindset towards changes is crucial. This experience can offer significant opportunities for personal and professional growth, so take advantage of it to broaden your horizons and discover new perspectives.

Establishing connections with locals is essential for better integration and having a support network in your new home. Participating in community activities and social events will help you meet new people and feel part of the community. These relationships can provide both emotional and practical support, making your adaptation easier.

Furthermore, do not forget to explore and enjoy all that Spain has to offer. This country has a rich history and culture, from its impressive architecture and museums to its delicious cuisine. Take the opportunity to live in such a diverse and vibrant place. Visit new cities, try typical dishes, and immerse yourself in the cultural experiences around you. Living in Spain can be a rewarding and discovery-filled experience, so do not hesitate to make the most of every moment.

These tips and strategies will better prepare you to start your new life in Spain, helping you navigate the initial challenges and fully enjoy your new adventure. With a positive attitude, openness to change, and commitment to your new community, you are ready to succeed in this new stage of your life. I hope these tips and ideas have given you a clearer idea of how an Argentine can emigrate to Spain.

Good luck on your Spanish adventure!

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